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If the heater has a sweet smell it could be that the heater core is leaking engine coolant. When the leak gets worse you will have a wet floor on the passenger side and the windshield will fog up when you turn on the defroster.

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Q: Why does your car heater smell?
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How to get a shrimp smell out of a car?

dryer sheets in the heater vents may help

Why does heater in car smell?

there could be several things, dust in your heater could just be burning a little (normal! not a problem) or your heater core could be burn out and leaking fluid all over where you can't see. but don't take my word for it!

What causes a sweet smell in a 99 Mitsubishi montero sport?

Might be a leaky heater core, the anti freeze in the coolant has a sweet smell/taste.

What does it mean if there is a urine smell coming through the front vents of a car?

Usally the AC Drain is stoped up & there is standing water & debre in the evaperator case U need 2 take something soft & stick up through the ac drain under the hood of the vehicle,nothing sharp or U could puncture the Evaperator core.compressed air usally works good.AnswerSounds like you have a leaking heater core. The smell that you describe is the smell of eng. coolant. If you turn your heater on to full max it will get stronger. Or, a cat slept on your car and you know what that means. Cat piss. It happen to me years ago.

Battery acid leak in car 2 months ago didn't know it was toxic and have been smelling fumes since then What should do now other than get a new car?

You should be able to clean it up if the problem is solved. Most batteries are outside the car- I wonder why you smell it at all. Battery acid is not especially toxic, but do not drink it, of course. I suspect that you smell something else. Could there be an exhaust leak or maybe the heater leaks antifreeze into the inside of your car.

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Why does my car smell like gas when i turn on the heater?

It is possible that a car can smell like gas when the heater is turned on for a few reasons. One possible reason that this happens could be a leak in the line.

How to get a shrimp smell out of a car?

dryer sheets in the heater vents may help

Why would the inside of your car smell like coolant?

Leaking heater core

What about a burning Smell from brakes?

A burning smell from a car's brakes means that you are braking very hard or there is a electrical short circuit in the car. Another reason for a burning smell may actually be coming from the car's heater.

Why do I Smell Coolant When the Car Heater is On?

Heater core is probally leaking. Should be located under dash on passenger side.

Why does car over heat and water fog up windshield And the smell of antifreeze stong in car?

Typical of the heater core leaking. Overheat because of low fluid and pressure. Foggy windshield due to heater core leaking and will smell antifreeze in the car.

I smell antifreeze when i run the defrost on my 1999 Lincoln town car?

if you can smell antifreeze you need to replace the heater core in the vehicle

Why do you have antifreeze on the floor of your car?

You have a leaking heater core. You might smell antifreeze if you turn on the defroster.

Why would the inside of your car smell like antifreeze?

It probably has a leak, possibly from the heater core.

What is wrong when you can only smell gas fumes when the car heater is on?

what are you driving? email me direct if you wish

My home oil heater has a smell of fuel oil when it blows out warm air. what is wrong?

under low temperatures, this > > equipment automatically starts and i can hear it running; the problem is > > that when i stop the car, i feel a very bed smell, ... I've noticed it occasionally, but not the smell > getting inside the car - my TiD has the ACC heater so maybe this stops > it. Do you have ACC or a manual heater

What does it mean if you can smell anti-freeze in the car?

You most likely have a leak or your car is overheating. If you are smelling it in the car then in all probability the heater core is leaking.

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