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Possibly because the surgeon cut a nerve.

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Q: Why is part of hand numb after hand surgery?
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Why do fingers of your hands and legs become numb when you are asleep?

Yes that can Happen. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and this brought about a situation that led me to suffer from a condition known as carpel tunnel syndrome. this is the median nerve being restricted as a result of inflammation in the carpel tunnel (the middle part of the hand leading up to the wrist) this causes numbness and can lead to excruciating pain in all the fingers side from part of the ring finger and the pinkie. If you are finding problems with numb or tingling fingers get it seen to as it will damage both the muscles around those fingers and the median nerve if it is not fixed.

Wake up hands numb in pregnancy?

Some time women ca get inflammation problems to do with Rheumatoid arthritis this can put presure on the nerves in the top of the hand leading to carpel tunnel syndrome. the area of the hand effected by this is the little finger side of the hand across to the center lengthwise of the ring finger on either hand.

What part of speech is the word hand?

Hand can be a noun or a verb. As a noun: She placed the money on the palm of his hand. As a verb: She handed him the money.

Your right foot is cold and your leg has pain and numbness in it also my right hand would go numb aswell?

All of these can be as a result of inflammation brought on by arthritis, however the only way to be sure is to get it checked out by a Rheumatologist and or a neurologist.

What is hand wheel?

Hand wheel is the control consisting of a wheel whose rim serves as the handle by which a part is operated

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Had neck surgery two years ago and now your right hand is going numb what causes that?

When my left hand started going numb I went to the doctor and she told me I had carpal tunnel. The thing about it was that my whole hand wasn't going numb it was just my first four fingers and I didn't feel any numbness in my pinkie finger.

What is a anethesiaologists?

Doctors who administer anesthesia i.e. put you to sleep before surgery/ numb a part of your body to operate on. They also are in charge of monitoring you during surgery (your oxygen levels, etc.)

Is it bad if your thumb is numb and can't move when you a have a broken arm?

Often when a body part is numb and immobile, it is because there is tendon damage. My arm went through a window a few years back, I lacerated the tendon in my thumb. 90% of it was cut and it was not only almost impossible to move, but was completely numb before the surgery.

How would you use numb in a sentence?

I shoveled snow for so long that my hand feels numb.

How do you make your hand numb?

Place it in ice.

Why are your front teeth and the roof of your mouth numb after surgery?

If your are talking about surgery done by a dentist or orthodontist, then this question needs to directed to them

What is it when you feel one of the fingers in your hand numb?

you broke it

Why does the right hand become numb when riding a motorcycle?

That's odd !! Both hands should become numb.

When I write on my hand my hand goes numb and tingles is this bad?

I couldn't understand this question, what does it mean

Make your hand go numb?

put hands in cold water

How long do you have to sit on your hand before it becomes numb?

that depends on how fat you are

Does lazer cosmetic surgery hurt im thinking of getting a freckle removed?

You wouldn't get lazer surgery. you would get numb cream on top, and a numb shot. then they cut it off- you wont feel it at all, they wrap with bandage and you leave. if kid off gym 2 weeks.