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Because you have to simplify your measurements to make sure your drawings are precise.

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Q: Why should you know how to convert measurements when looking at working drawing?
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Why would you have to know how to convert measurements when looking at a working drawing?

to know whether or not your info and the info your matching is alike. If not you need to convert one to check.

Why would you have to know how to convert measurements when looking at working drawing?

To give the other possible masuremetns if the print, work , or drawing needs to be sent to a country that doesn't use the same measuring system where the engineer lives.

Working drawing detail drawing working drawing det?

there is no answer to this question

What is a working drawing?

A working drawing is a type of technical drawing, which is part of the documentation needed to build an engineering product or architecture.

Difference between a sketch and a working drawing?

Sketches are the humble beginnings of your working drawing. They are ideas put down, roughly, before you decide on your approach to the working piece. The working drawing is usually the idea decide upon and is in the process of development.

Estimate the volume in math mean?

it means to guess the area of a 3D solid without actually working it out. you can guess by looking at some of the measurements given.

What is architectural working drawing?

the detail of abuilding

What is working drawing?

it is nothing but similar to ori

Can you draw unemployment while drawing Social Security in Alabama?

Yes, as long as you qualify for both.

What are the release dates for Hardly Working - 2007 Drawing Board?

Hardly Working - 2007 Drawing Board was released on: USA: 24 May 2012

Define working drawings?

working drawing are made for building or constructing an object. the drawing must show the exact shape and size. this can best be done by making a drawing of two, three or more views.

Technical working drawing?

It is something that i have on my ddp hw

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