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Your heater switch may not need to be replaced. The heater high position is controlled by a fuse under the hood. Until you find the fuse and replace it, your new switch will not work. JRR.

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Q: Why will the heater in a 1996 Grand Am with 4 pos heater switch not work on HIGH but it works in all 3 other positions?
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Can you bypass the heater core on a 1997 crown vic?

Just take one of the heater hoses loose at the heater core and loop it back to the motor to the other heater hose. Or you can take them both loose at the heater core and put a splice connector between them is this is easier.

How do you bypass the heater core on a Chevy s10?

Disconnect the inlet and outlet hoses to the heater and couple them together Or, if the hoses are the same size, remove one completely, and disconnect the other from the heater core, then connect it to the other engine outlet (or inlet, as the case may be).

What does a swing chef do?

They act as the relief cook, covering for other positions when they have a day off.

Why would engine run normal but heater will not get hot?

Not knowing what vehicle you have and the coolant reservoir is full, you may have a plugged up heater core or a temp blend door at fault. Run the engine and get it up to operating temperature (195 degrees F). Leave the engine running and open the hood. Feel both heater hoses with your hands. If one is hot and the other is noticeably cooler you probably have a plugged up heater core in which case you can try to flush it out. If both hoses are hot you may have a temp blend door that is not functioning in which case replacement or repair of the temp blend door switch or actuator would be necessary.

Why does the air coming from your home air conditioner vents smell like stale smoke but not when your heater is on in a duplex where the other family smokes?

This has much to do with how the air conditioner and the heater is vented. If the air conditioner draws its air from outside it could be picking up air / smell of smoke from the other family and then redistributing it into your home. A heater on the other had usually has a heater input vent within the house it is heating (it draws the interior air in and then heats it blowing it back out) as the air within the home will be significantly warmer than the exterior air.

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What causes a 2004 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo work just in defrost even if you switch for other positions?

behind dash is a small switch with a small hose hooked to it It may be a vacuum leak on the hose the problem can be the switch gone bad

2002 Ba falcon auto trans inhibitor switch what does it do?

the inhibitor switch only allows the car to be started in Neutral or Park. No other positions.

Where is limit switch on hot water heater?

There are usually 2 on a domestic electric heater, one about a foot from the top and the other near the bottom, both attached to the elements.

What causes the heater blower to work sometimes then to not work other times in a 2002 Chevy s10?

The heater blower switch and the electrical plug attached to it may be at fault. Remove the heater control unit from the dash and inspect the plastic electrical plug attached to the blower switch, you may see it has melted. The switch and plug is available from your local auto parts store.

How do you shut off water from water heater?

One shut off the gas /electric other emergency switch FIRST

Can a 60 watt light bulb be used in a 3 way 50-100-150 watt lamp?

Yes, but the bulb will only operate at 60 watts and only in one of the switch positions. To shut the bulb off you will have to switch through the other two positions.

What does the neutral switch on a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am do?

Prevents the vehicle from starting in other than Park or Neutral

Where do you find the complete steps in changing the heater core in a 1995 Grand Am quad 4 engine?

You'll have to buy a service manual from the parts store. It'll show you each step and give you other good information. I just changed my heater core in my 94 Grand Am Quad 4 and it was a pain. Good Luck.

What if your rabbit is licking the heater?

What heater? heater in your house? heater in your water bowl? There is probably salt and/or other minerals on the heater that he is licking off.

Why might a 1994 Lincoln Town Car heater not be working?

HeaterYou might need a new thermostat or heater core.Lincoln put a thermal switch in the hoses that run to the heater core in cars of this age. This switch would not allow the blower motor to run until the coolant was warm. This was a "luxury" feature to keep the heater from blowing cold air on your feet. After a few years these switchs would go bad. This could be your problem. I have replaced mine once and I'm looking into a way to bypass it. You can just use the vent function with heat to keep warm until you replace the switch, that's what I'm doing for now. I believe the switch runs about $50 from FoMoCo. You could also have the problems listed in the other Lincoln town car doesn't have the switch in the heater hose , now where do i look i have good AC but no hot air , where is the vac moter for the heater to outside air switch located ??1994 a breed by its self ?? ill just bet

Is there a switch available to control power to a thermostat for 20A 240V electric baseboard heater?

There are two types of thermostats. One is a line voltage stat. This is in effect a switch and when turned to the off position the voltage is interrupted and the heater will not operate. The other type of stat is low voltage. There will be a relay in the baseboard heater that the thermostat is connected to. With this type if installation to turn the power completely off you will have to turn the breaker off that feeds the circuit.

What could cause the heater not to heat if you have changed the thermostat and it seems like there is no water getting to the core?

1. there is an air bubble in the line. 2. the heater core it self is really dirty inside or it is blocked up. feel the hoses going to the heater core. one should be real hot the other just slitely cooler. if this is true then the core is good. the problem may be in the on/off controls. depending on the vechele, a control switch may be in the heater hose or in the heater core. the input hose is hot, the output hose cool. the switch may be stuck so it is blocking the water getting to the core. have some one watch the switch under the hood while some one is in the vechele working the switch on and off.

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