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This is very common actually!! An abusive person may use transference to feel normal! By making themselves believe that it is others who are crazy and not them, they can feel better about themselves. My brother's fiance used to beat the hell out of him and he would not hit back, but when he found her cheating and tried to leave, she called the poilce and said he was trying to kill her!! He is trying to make you believe that all that has happened to you is only your imagination! You know this is not true, and it is time you leave. Go to your family, or a friend or an abused woman's shelter - the police, or a doctor can put you in touch with one, they will protect you if he tries to come after you!! He is trying a last ditch attempt to keep you when maybe he senses he is losing you, before he goes any further - get out!!! Good luck! I agree, he is using that tactic to keep you off balance and to doubt your reality, all the while trying to feel normal himself.

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2006-03-21 16:05:27
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Q: Why would an abusive husband imply that you are crazy out of the blue when he has been mentally cruel and sadistic and how do you leave this situation?
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When should a woman leave her obsessive controlling verbally and mentally abusive husband?

Immediately. Reach out to a close friend or relative for help, and leave as soon as you can.

How does a new pregnancy affect abusive ex husband?

I am sure that it would depend on the abusive ex-husband.

What to do with an abusive husband?

divorce him

How do you succeed over the mentally abusive husband?

Tell your friends you need them to come with you to collect your stuff from your place and just leave. Then call the police and put a restraining order against him.

How do you protect children from abusive ex husband?

Pray. Trusting the courts is like trusting a dis-jointed foot, but God is bigger than your situation.

What can you do if your brother is giving your husband trouble about the way you believe?

Discuss it with your husband to decide if brother should be asked to leave; or if you are somewhere other than your home, if you and your husband should leave. No one has the right to interfere with your relationship with your husband (other than an abusive situation).

What make a worst husband?

A husband who cheats on his wife, who lies, who is mentally and physically abusive, who is lazy and doesn't help with household chores, who never has a kind word for his wife or children, who spends money on himself without a concern for the needs of his family.

He is very verbally abusive to me and I have never met her. Do I have to allow my ex-husband and his fiance come to my children's events?

Yes. You have no control over who accompanies him to such events. If he is abusive toward you then discuss the situation with your attorney and take the matter to court if necessary.

My husband is verbally abusive?

If your husband is verbally and emotionally abusive, you can break the negative cycle by seeking the services of a family counselor or filing for divorce.

How do you prove if your mentally abusive husband as a psycho to others?

You shouldn't have to proove anything to anyone. You should be open with your family and friends and put it out there your not comfortable and being abused. If you have and voicemails, or text messages you can always present them. You can also record anything when you know something is about to happen. If you have a mentally abusive physcho husband, you should get out of the relashonship, take your kids, and get a restraining order againsted him. There are plenty of hotlines, and websights you can go to that specialize on your case and i think they could help you greatly.

How do you deal with an abusive husband?

If you can leave him - do it now.

Why did your abusive ex-husband call you the day after his trial in court saying he didn't want to talk to you again when you're the one who ended all contact but went to court to get closure?

Because he's probably a mentally abusive man who needs to jerk you around. Don't fall for his games! I've been through this. It is an emotionally dangerous situation. You two are obviously better off without each other. Thanks

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