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Q: Will rain effect the finish on fresh indoor paint?
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Is eggshell paint suitable for exterior use?

No, because eggshell paint is intended only for indoor use, like kitchens or bathrooms. For exteriors, use paint with a satin finish.

What is the best way to paint a hardwood floor?

This will be a LOT of work, since you will have to COMPLETELY strip the floor of its finish first. Then you can use floor paint on it, assuming this is in a protected indoor area.

What household paints are best for messy children?

If you have children who tend to make a mess on walls, any indoor house paint that is a semi-gloss or gloss finish is good. Look for a paint that advertises itself as scrubbable.

How much is a gallon of indoor paint?

The same amount of outdoor paint

Can you mix satin finish paint with eggshell finish paint?

As long as they are the same base you can.

Removing oil paint spatters from wood floors?

There is a product called Goof that does a pretty good job. Assuming the paint is fresh, if you are quick about cleaning the Goof off, it shouldn't lift the finish on the floor. Depending on the finish on the floor and how long the paint has been there, you might be able to scrape or peel it off with a fingernail.

What finish on frames is easiest to paint over?

If it has a matte finish it should be easy to paint over.

What finish does water based paint do to plwood?

Water based paint does very well on plywood. The finish depends on the type of paint.

Where can I order affordable indoor paint online?

Visit for a wide selection of options for indoor paint. By selecting the option to search "Paint," you can lessen that option barrier by selecting "Indoor paint and stain." Add on free shipping to the already-low prices, and your favorite paint brands are mailed directly to you or your local branch, and you're ready to hop on that project!

Can you make a satin finish paint a flat finish paint?

mix a gallon of flat latex paint with your satin latex paint and you will reduce the statin gloss by 50 percent

Can you use interior paint and a primer and use exterior as the finish coat?

Can you use interior paint as a primer and use exterior paint as the finish coat?

Best paint finish when painting a bathroom?

When you are painting a bathroom you need to use a water resistant paint finish. There are many different brands, but as long as you get a water resistant finish you will not have problems with your bathroom paint.

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