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Q: How long have they been around mandalas?
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How old are mandalas?

Mandalas have been used in various cultures for centuries, with origins traced back to Hinduism and Buddhism in the 4th century and possibly earlier. The exact age of mandalas can vary depending on the specific cultural context in which they are used.

How are native American mandalas similar to Buddhist mandalas?

both names begin with M

When were mandalas first made?

mandalas had first appeared in 1500 bc to 2000 bc

Where are mandalas found?

A lot of Mandalas are found in India and are made by Hindu and Buddhist people.

Where were mandalas made?


Who makes mandalas?

people do

How long has deforestaion been around?

how long has deforestation been around

How long has guns been around?

As long as guns have been around.

Where are mandalas made?

Mandalas have been historically made in various cultures and can be found in many parts of the world, such as Tibet, India, Japan, and the Americas. They are often created in sacred spaces like temples, or during meditation practices. Nowadays, mandalas are also created in art studios, workshops, and homes by artists and individuals looking to explore their creativity and express spiritual beliefs.

What tribe makes mandalas?


Where did mandalas come from?

from the far east

What were the distinctive characteristics of the states known as mandalas?

Mandalas were decentralized political entities in Southeast Asia, characterized by loose, fluid borders and a network of tributary relationships rather than fixed territorial boundaries. They often relied on religious legitimacy, such as Buddhism or Hinduism, to maintain cohesion and authority. Mandalas had flexible structures, with power centered around the king but also dispersed among local elites.