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Q: In what way did painting by Giotto like this move European after forward?
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Look at this painting by giotto in what way did paintings like this move European art forward?

by treating a religious subject in a natural way

How were renaissance artists like Masaccio and Giotto different?

Barbara Streisand.

How much is your oil painting by Caroline Burnett worth?

I have got a three piece Burnett Painting checked the signature and it looks a lot like Caroline burnetts it is entitled streets european?

How were Renaissance artist like Massaccio different in personal style from their medieval predecessors such as Giotto?


What was Giotto's bell tower used for?

Like all bell towers, it used to ring the bells for the church.

Reason for Jackson Pollock's painting for 'Blue Poles'?

I would imagine 'Blue Poles' was simply the next painting Pollock was working on, trying to move further forward. That said it is a painting i have seen 'in the flesh' and would like to point out it is one of his most colourful later paintings. With the 'Blue poles' themselves it is possible he was reapplying a strong awareness of composition and figure (as abstract mark) into his painting process.

What artist influenced giorgio morandi's work?

Giorgio Morandi was influenced by a variety of artists, including masters of Italian Renaissance painting like Giotto and Masaccio, as well as modern artists such as Cézanne, Picasso, and de Chirico. These influences can be seen in Morandi's emphasis on form, color, and composition in his still life paintings.

What is a sentence for the word painter?

he was painting the house. This painting is very expensive.

What does forward looks like?

/ is a forward slash \ is a backslash

How is the Renaissance painting different from the older painting?

looks more life-like.

What did Leonardo Da Vinci like doing more drawing or painting?


How is the the Renaissance painting different from the older painting?

looks more life-like.