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Q: Trying to find price and history on thomas pacconi rocking chair?
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What is Thomas Pacconi well known for?

Thomas Pacconi is known for his amazing glass blown Christmas ornaments, he also does blown glass for other decor as well. His work is absolutely beautiful.

Contact thomas pacconi to get a replacement key for a jewelry box?

Hi my name is Bill Shely, and i am looking for a replacement key for are Thomas Pacconi jewelry box the model number i have is 312798 thanks for your on this.

Can you get a replacement key for your Thomas Pacconi Classic jewelry box?

need a replacement key

Where can you find thomas pacconi classics carved wooden checker and chess sets?

Right here, I've got one if you want it.

Does anyone have a thomas pacconi 2004 prod 16 car swivel cabinet for sale?

I have a Thomas Pacconi Classics, Inc. NASCAR Storage Display. It is brand new and there is still plastic over the plexi glass sides. I only put it together so I could see what it was. My mom bought it and never put it together. If you are interested call Kelly @ 520-360-6978

When did he invent the rocking chair?

Thomas Jefferson invented it, not sure of the year

Did thomas pacconi leave QVC?

I received this from QVC Customer Service: Good evening Ms.##@@ Thank you for contacting I hope you are enjoying the day! It is my pleasure to serve you today. All Thomas Pacconi items have been discontinued from our inventory. He may be appearing on another shopping channel. I hope this information has been helpful to you. We look forward to serving you again soon. Please join us for Cooking on Q on October 17! Regards, Penny

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