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pad, chher, paddu,haggu etc......

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Q: What are the major components of a flatbed plotter?
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What are the disadvantages of a flatbed plotter?

why dont u type the ansa

What is speed of flatbed plotter?

The speed of a flatbed plotter can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. Typically, flatbed plotters have a speed range that can go from a few inches per second to over a hundred inches per second, with higher speeds resulting in faster output.

What are the advantages of a flatbed plotter?

paper is fixed & only pens are moving horizontaly

Difference between flatbed and drum plotter?

The main difference between flatbed and drum plotters is that the drawing surface is wrapped arround the perimeter of a drum. The drum plotters are generally smaller than flatbed plotters. The drum plotters have lower resolutions than flatbed. flatbed plotter can cut more thick material, can can finish cut at one time, do not need to leave a little at the edage.

Give a brief description of flatbed plotters?

In flat bed plotter paper is kept in horizontal position in a tray like bedsheet on a bed and in one of the arm pen is being kept and this pen is moved left-right up and up-down by a motor to draw different types of lines and drawings

What is the difference between plotter and as plotter cutter?

A plotter is a graphics printer that uses a pen or pencil to draw images. A plotter cutter is a plotter in which the plotting pen has been replaced with a knife or a sharp blade.

What is graphics plotter?

its a plotter which print graphics with the help of machanism

What is the difference between drum plotter and flatbed plotters?

the main difference is: in drum printer paper and pen(which r used to draw on paper and it can be one or more than one) moves simultaneously to draw..the movement of drum gives vertical positioning and movement of pens give horizontal positioning. but in flatbed..paper does not move..all the movement is done by the pen and able to draw complex graphics..

What is a plotter?

The word plotter has several meanings. In the world of technology, a plotter is a computer printer used for printing vector graphics. Otherwise, a plotter could mean someone who plans or plots something.

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What type of users need plotter?

what is a plotter what type of users need it

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