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Q: What are the names of Lancastrian Painters of the early part of the 20th century?
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Who is Toulouse-Lautrec and Claude Monet?

Two famous French painters of the 19th century. Just google each of their names to learn about them.

What are the names of famous painters with first names that start with a?

· Andy Warhol

Painters names that begin with R?


What are some last names of painters that begin with the letter U?

Walter Ufer was an American artist who specialized in the American west. Paolo Uccello was a 15th century Italian artist.

Names and pictures of painters?

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Who are Spanish Painters names beginning with letter P?

* Pablo Piccaso

What are the names of group of seven?

carbohydrate , proteins , fats , vitamins, minerals, fibre & water

Give me 4 names of impressionist painters?

Monet, Renoir, Morisot, Sisley.

Which painters first names begin with the letter T?

tom, tim, terry, tony

Names of painters?

Raphael, Dürer, Bellini, Leonardo, Warhol... What do you really want to know?

Who were famous English painters of the 1500s?

You are asking for a veeeery long list. I'll just give you three names from Italy: 1400's Botticelli 1500's Michelangelo 1600's Caravaggio

What was the wise mens names in the sixth century?

Excerpta Latina Barbari, composed in Greek around AD 500 names the "wise men" Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar. The name Caspar might be as old as the Acts of Thomas (early 3rd century), which names "Gondophares" which might have become corrupted into Gaspar. The second oldest manuscript to contain these names dates from the 8th century.