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Q: What artist was disfigured by a mallet?
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What famous artist was hit with a mallet?

Michelangelo was the one that stuck his face with a mallet by an envious rival disfiguring him for life.

What is the answer for what artist uses to mash his paints hink pink?

palette mallet

How was phantom of the opera disfigured?

He was born with the disfigurement.

When was Disfigured Narcissus created?

Disfigured Narcissus was created in 2007.

What is a sentence with the word disfigured?

They looked at the difigured remains of something

How did Jason Voorhees become disfigured to the point of having to wear a hockey mask?

Jason was born disfigured.

How many morphemes are in the disfigured?

The word "disfigured" has three morphemes: dis- (prefix), figure (root), and -ed (suffix).

What does a mallet symbolize?

The mallet symbolizes power.

What is the Frozen mallet in league of legends?

A mallet

What has the author Bernard Mallet written?

Bernard Mallet has written: 'Mallet du Pan and the French revolution'

Why are the countries on maps disfigured?


What has the author Robert Mallet-Stevens written?

Robert Mallet-Stevens has written: 'Robert Mallet-Stevens' -- subject(s): Architecture, Exhibitions 'Rob Mallet-Stevens architetto'