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Enlightenment ideals are socially destructive and should be challenged.

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Who were the famous Surrealist painters and what were their major works?

Salvador Dali on of his major works were "The Persistence of Memory" (1931).

Who was the most famous member of the surrealists movement?

There are a few to choose from, but most people would say Salvador Dalí. The best-known of the surrealist is Salvador Dalí. He paints what at first seems to be realistic pictures which contain fantastic figures and impossible relations. Much the same effect have the paintings of René Magritte.

Where are the source areas of the worlds major belief system?

The main source areas for the world's major belief systems are Asia, Europe, and North America. In Asia, the major belief systems are Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. In Europe, the major belief systems are Christianity and Islam. In North America, the major belief systems are Judaism and Christianity.

How many major dance artists change the tone of their voice using a macine?

4 in 5 of major dance artists use something to changing the tone meaning that 4 out of 5 artists are out of tune!!

What are the major belief or practices of Buddhism?

The major belief (or teachings) of Buddhism is the Four Noble Truths. The major practice of Buddhism is the Five Noble Precepts.

What is the major belief of kazakhs?


Who were the major artists of the renaissance period?

They ate pizza

What are some major artists of Rock'n'Roll?

Elvis Presley

What is the major focus of belief of judaism?

The major focus of belief in Judaism is the Torah, since it teaches us about God and His laws, as well as our origins and history.

Major focus in renaissance art?

the major focus of renaissance artists was on nature and the human form.

Who were the major patrons of artists in the nineteenth century?

Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

What should you major in?

Major in a curriculum that you enjoy and that you can use to your benefit after graduation. Enjoying the studies is important as it's a major motivator for encouraging you to study effectively and get good grades. And graduating with a degree and consequent skills to help you start and enjoy a career should be a major goal of a major you decide to tackle.