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Q: What colors and moods does your piece portray?
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What message does Three Machines by Wayne Thiebaud portray as a Pop Art piece?

the colors are very exaggerated and the shadows are very bold

HOw do colors affects your moods?

Barack Obama

What are some Examples of moods?

Anything can be a mood - pick something that is one of your moods and you can find a piece of writing for that mood.

What moods do colors represent?

Colors can evoke different moods such as: Blue: calmness and serenity Red: energy and passion Yellow: happiness and optimism Green: balance and harmony Black: power and sophistication

Associated moods and emotions for colors?

they really are the same as long as you feel that way

What color are manatees when their mad?

Manatees do not change colors to match their moods. They remain gray.

What is the meaning of mood colors?

colours can bring different changes in our moods.

What is the importance of colors in design?

The importance of colors in design is usually to draw the eye in. Colors tend to make people more aware of what they are looking at and can also generate certain types of moods such as happy or calm.

Who is the Indian on the 1909 5 dollar gold piece?

It doesn't portray any specific person.

What is a piece of glass that is used to split light into colors?

A prism is a piece of glass that can split light into its different colors through refraction.

What are the colors on a mood necklace from justice just for girls?

Here are the colors with the corresponding moods: Blue: Chillin' Green: Kooky Purple: Cheery Orange: Rockin' Yellow: Jumpy Black: Bummin'

Why did Holbein paint Nicolaus Kratzer in more subdued colors than he did More?

To portray Kratzer as a serious man of science