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Q: What do you consider to be the five most significant developments in scholarships and the arts during the reign of the abbasids?
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Do you consider the artistic or scientific achievements of the renaissance more significant and why?

This is a prompt you need to write. We don't do homework for students. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson.

When analyzing an image you should consider composition lighting and?


Why was the Harlem Renaissance also called the negro renaissance?

The Harlem Renaissance was the awakening of black people, so to speak. It was when African Americans began making contributions to literature, music, poetry, etc. Many consider the Harlem Renaissance the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement.

What period came before and after the Renaissance period?

The Middle Ages came before the Renaissance. The name of what came after varies depending on what is important to the speaker. Many consider the following period to be the Age of Discovery, the Age of Sail, or the Protestant Reformation. Others more generally call it the Early Modern period.

What type of artist is Thomas Kinkade?

Thomas Kinkade is a very famous artist. He mostly does water colors of nature. Check out his website or books to know more. Thomas Kinkade does a lot of paintings, and is considered to be "the painter of light". Thomas Kinkade is very well known, and has painted pictures such as: Stairway To Heaven, The Garden Of Prayer, and many more. Thomas Kinkade also has done many pictures of tourist attractions in San Fransisco, such as: Lombard Street, The City By The Bay, and many more. Please look into Thomas Kinkade more, and possibly consider buying one of his Beautiful pictures!

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