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Q: What happened during phase 2 of the renaissance?
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What are 2 major events that happened during the renaissance?

the story happend in the 19th century 1900

What are 2 important city-states in Italy during the renaissance?

The Republic of Florence and the Duchy of Milan.

What was the currency during the Italian Renaissance in Italy?

Italy used the florin during the 1400's. It was worth about 2 shillings then.

What happened exactly during World War 2?


What happened in Panzar during World War 2?


When 'Banner of Courage' activates does its effect continue to increase attack during every battle phase?

The +200 ATK bonus is applied only 'during your battle phase', this is a continuous effect that does not use the chain. As soon as the battle phase ends, the +200ATK ceases to apply, but will be reapplied during your next battle phase. So say you have a monster with 1700 attack, it will ONLY have 1900 (+200) attack when you're in your battle phase and when you're back in your main phase 2 or end phase it goes back down to 1700 (-200). One thing to note is that you'll get the +200 attack during BOTH your own battle phase AND ALSO your opponent's battle phase.

What happened to Germany's nation during World War 2?

They were defeated.

What are 2 major achievements of art and literature during the Renaissance Period?

michaelangleo is the major artist of the year and is offered a award

Time period of leornado da Vinci?

he was alive from April 15, 1452 to May 2, 1519 .this was during the Renaissance era

What two factors caused Europeans to look to the East during the Renaissance?

WWO Question 1.Bunnies 2.Bootty work

What happened in june 1944 during World War 2?

Operation Overlord .

What happened after the bombing of japan during world war 2?

The war ended on Sept 2, 1945.