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Edvard Munch's The Scream

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Q: What is that famous painting of a man holding his face?
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What is Jose B David's painting of an old man holding a chicken and a women holding fruit worth?

Hi - I might help if you have a picture of these paintings and also their dimensions. Send me an email with the picture of the painting

In the painting American goth what farm tool is the man holding?

The painting is American Gothic 9not goth) and the tool is a hayfork, used to move loose hay or straw.

What is depicted in the famous painting 'The Creation of Adam'?

"The Creation of Adam" is a famous painting created by Michelangelo. It is assumed to show the Biblical sequence where God breathes life into the first man "Adam".

What possessions were in the tomb with a mummy?

The funerary jars holding the lungs had the face of a baboon, the stomach had the face of a jackal. the intestines the face of a falcon and the liver had the face of a man.

What is the apple painting by Rene margritte called?

The son of Man was the one with the apple covering his face.

What is the Rene Magritte painting where the man's face is covered by an apple?

It is called The Son Of Man, painted in 1964. Now in a private collection.

In the movie thomas crown affiar what is the name of the picture where apple placed on man's face?

The painting by René Magritte is called 'The Son of Man'.

What famous statue has a man holding a bunch of heads?

Louis-Phillipe the French Fry

What is the name of the famous painting of a man with a hat and woman kissing?

You might be thinking of "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.

Famous painting of a man looking at stamps?

There is one by Judith Allison. Click link below to see it!

What famous mountain face is on the NH license plate?

the Old Man in the mountain

What artists are famous for drawing fruit?

If you mean painting Paul Cézanne is the one who has painted more fruit stll-lifes than anybody else.