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Joan Miro was a color field painter, and Sonnens is one of his most popular works. As his other works, Sonnens represents bright colors, spontaneity, and automatism.

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Q: What is the meaning of Joan Miro Sonnens?
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When was sonnens painted by joan miro?


What materials did joan miro use to paint sonnens?

Oil paint on canvas.

Why did joan miro paint sonnens?

because he was inspired by his other artworks and it was really pretty

When did Joan Miro paint sonnens?

There is not an exact date of when he painted but it was known that he painted it between 1920's and the early 1930's.

Where is the painting Sonnens located?

it was located in Miro museum

Why did Juan Miro paint the Sonnens?

Because his general interest was painting abstract art.

Is Joan Miro a girl or boy?

joan miro is neither of them joan miro is a sloppy ploppy plop plop poo

Where was Joan Miro born at?

Joan Miro was born in Barcelona.

Why did Juan Miro paint ''Sonnens''?

he paintes it because, you need to understand artists can paint what they want so get over it ok.

Why should you remember Joan Miro today?

Joan Miro is a Spanish (Catalan) surrealist painter.

What was the actual date of Joan Miro born?

Joan MIRO, born April 20, 1893.

What was joan miro's favorite color to use?

Joan Miro loved to paint.