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Q: What type of work was Henry Moore best known for?
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What type of tax system did Henry George propose?

Liberty is the tax system that Henry George did. He is best known for the single taxes on land.

What type of art did Henry Moore do?

Henry Moore was not known for painting, as he was a very famous sculptor.

What kind of sculptures did Henry Moore make?

He made a type of sculputure calle hiprophemisis wich is mainly mad out of clay

What kind of artist was Henry Moore?

He was a sculpter. Type in his name on Google Images to see some of his work! I believe they're amazing!

What type of artwork were the Etruscan best known?

there best known for bronze workers.

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What For what type of artwork were the Etruscan best known?

The artwork they best known is pots,tools,weapons,sculptures,and household items.

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what were a type of housing best known in the united states during the 1840s that housed immigrants

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