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Q: What was the name of Hundertwasser's father?
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What was hundertwassers brothers name?


What was hundertwassers mothers name?

Elas Jessica Stowasser

What hundertwassers full name?

Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser

What is Hundertwassers birth name?

Hundertwasser's birth name was Friedrich Stowasser , he was born December the 15th in Vienna , Austria.

What was hundertwassers aunts name?

Ella Stowasser She was Jewish for three years She had two kids Daniel and Kathryne

What were hundertwassers paintings about?


What actors and actresses appeared in Hundertwassers Regentag - 1971?

The cast of Hundertwassers Regentag - 1971 includes: Friedensreich Hundertwasser as himself Doris Kunstmann as herself

How many galeries have hundertwassers paintings?

1000 paintings

Where is hundertwassers the blob grows in the beloved gardens displayed?

in a glallery

How did hundertwassers different aspects of his work influence each other?

Magic! :d

What was hundertwassers grandmothers name?

Beatrice Stowasser She was Jewish and foorced both her daughters to be Jewish. Then they forced there kids to be Jewish but The oldest daughters two sons chose to be Jewish There answered your question

Which is correct father's name or father name?

"Father's name" is correct. The apostrophe indicates possession, so "father's name" means the name belonging to the father.