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Many noble families.

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Q: Who controlled Genoa during the renaissance?
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What was the capital of Genoa during the Renaissance?

it was a port city and it controlled the island to the south

What were the main important city-states during the Renaissance?

Florence, Milan, Venice, and Genoa Florence, Milan, Venice, and Genoa

Who were the rulers of Florence during the early Renaissance?

The Medici family controlled Florence during the Renaissance!

What were the cultures in Genoa Italy during the renaissance?

they were very butal and bad not to mention mean yes very mean

How did Genoa play a part in the renaissance?

Genoa played a significant role in the Renaissance as a major maritime power that facilitated trade and cultural exchange between various regions of Europe and the Near East. The city's wealth from trade allowed for the patronage of artists, scholars, and architects, contributing to the flourishing of art and culture during the Renaissance period. Genoa's maritime connections also helped to spread Renaissance ideas and innovations throughout Europe.

Is Florence Venice and Genoa a capital?

During Renaissance Italy several major cities were city states controlling individual areas.

How was the Genoa society organized in the renaissance?

* umm..Donno!!! * I am not sure!!!

During the Renaissance what family controlled Florence for almost 300 years?

the de Medici family

Why is Genoa an important city?

Genoa is an important city due to its historical significance as a major port and trading hub in Europe. It played a central role in maritime trade, particularly during the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods. Genoa's strategic location on the Italian Riviera also makes it a key economic and cultural center in modern times.

In what city did the Renaissance begin?

The city most often cited as the birthplace of the Renaissance is Florence.

How did Venice help shape the renaissance worldveiw?

Genoa helped shape the Renaissance worldview by creating a larger economy and becoming a large trading captal in Italy.

Genoa during the renaisance?

genoa was on the caost of the mediteranian sea so it was easier to trade silks and spices