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Q: Who painted The Persistence of Memory?
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Who painted the work of art titled 'The Persistence of Memory'?

The Persistence of Memory was painted by artist Salvador Dali. The Persistence is one of his well known and more recognized works of art. He had gotten more fame from that work of art then from others.

Where was persistence of memory painted?

At Port Lligat, north of Barcelona, Spain.

What is the artwork the 'Persistence of Memory' about?

The Persistence of Memory is about that time doesn't matter in dreams as you can see the pocket watches are melted, this may not be true but this is what some sites have said, and this is what I think it's about.

Which Surrealist painted 'The Persistence of Memory'?

Senor Salvador Dali

Which artist painted 'Soft Watch'?

Salvador DaliSalvador Dali did. The actual title of the painting is The Persistence of Memory.

When the persistence of memory was created?

The Persistence of Memory was created in 1931.

Where is salvador Dali's the persistence of memory?

The Persistance of Memory was based in Figueres Catalonia, Spain and painted here. It is now resting and stored in The Museum of Modern Art, New York

What is the title of this picture with the clock?

One very famous picture with clocks is called "The Persistence of Memory." It features melting clocks and was painted by Salvador Dalí.

What are the release dates for Persistence of Memory - 2008?

Persistence of Memory - 2008 was released on: USA: April 2008

Why did salvador make the Melting Clocks?

It is not much use asking WHY painters paint. They are not bribed to, or the Mafia forces them. They paint what they want. Dalí often painted his dreams.

What was salvador Dalis most famous painting?

For instance The Persistence of Memory, or the Burning Giraffe.Salvador Dali's most famous painting is the Persistence of Memory, which features a set of melting watches in a shore setting.

What is the persistence of learning over time?

It depends on memory.