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Q: Why Each of the Greek muses had a specific talent in the arts which muses is correctly matched with her talent?
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What were the Greek Muses know for?

Each had a specific talent in the arts (APEX) :D

What pairs of language and its one of the greatest poet are not correctly matched a Hindi kalidas b bengali RN Tagore c urdu ghalib d greek homer?

c. Urdu - Ghalib is not correctly matched. Ghalib is a renowned poet in the Urdu language, known for his ghazals and Urdu poetry.

What is the word for talent in greek?

talent < ταλέντο

What is greek name for talent?


Each of greek Muses had a specific talent in the arts. Which Muse is correctly matched with her talent?

Urania— muse of Astronomy (apex)

What was Greek curancy callled?

τάλαντο [talanto] > talent

What was dionysus talent?

He seems to be the greek god of wine and madnesss

How many ancient Greek drachmas in an Athenian silver talent?

Talent = 60 minas each of 100 drachma = 6000.

Is the lead singer of Billy talent Greek?

No, he is canadian. But he has polish ancestry

Is the phase a Greek myth correctly capitalized?

yes it is

How do you say talent in Greek?

ταλέντο = talent < τάλαντο/talanto = currency unit in Ancient Greece. So the expression "you have talent / you are talented" means "you are gifted"

Where Greek met Greek?

"When Greek met Greek" is a phrase that refers to a situation in which two equally matched or skilled opponents or competitors face each other. It suggests a clash or confrontation between powerful and knowledgeable individuals or groups.