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Q: Why is Chinese art important to Chinese people?
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How does this piece of art reflect ancient Chinese culture?

It reflects important tools and beliefs used in Chinese art and writing.

Was health important to Chinese people?

health was very important to Chinese people

What art did ancient Chinese people make?

they made art on walls

What are the differences between US art and Chinese art?

Most Chinese art has flowers and animals in it but US art has people and unrealistic things in it or they are cars, trucks, and vans

Do Chinese people use art?

obviously yes

What tools could you use to learn the art of Chinese lettering?

To use learn the art of Chinese lettering, it is important to have the proper pen as the writing utensil. Chinese lettering is attuned to drawing with a flair, therefore it is important that the proper pen is used that can accomplish the mission for legibility.

How did the ancient Chinese people make art?

they were painting on porcelain

Among the most important of Chinese contributions is the development of the highly-refined art of?


What did Chinese people believe was more important than the individual?

The Chinese people believed that the family was more important than the indivudual.

How did people portray the Chinese dragon in art?

if looks like a snake

Why do chinless people have the dragon in the Chinese New Year?

It was important to Chinese culture

Why abacus is important to Chinese people?

because Chinese people use this as thereaddition, subtraction,multiplication anddivision.