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The word art has many definitions, the most known is the creation of beautiful or significant things. But here's another definition of the word: art - a superior skill that you can learn by study and practice and observation. So technically if you learn how to manage things through study, practice, and observation, then it is by definition an art form.

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Q: Why is management defined as an art?
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Definition of management according to Mary Parker follet.?

"The art of getting things done through people".

Difinition of management according to Mary Parker follet.?

Mary Follet Parker defined management as "the art of getting things done through people."

What is management as defined by 20 different authors?

According to "Mary Parker Follett" Management is the art of doing work done by other peoples. -vishwas .v. trivedi

Management art and scienes or profession?

management art and science or profeesion management art and science or profeesion

Is management art and sciences?

yes management is art and science because management need both art and a science because gaining facts is not science and doing practicle knowledge is not an art so management need both art and a science

When was Art Director Management created?

Art Director Management was created in 1998.

What is Police personnel and record managements?

POLICE PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT is the art of preparing, organizing and directing the efforts of members of a police in order that they may achieve accomplishment of police purpose.

Explain management as an art?

Obviously managment as an art

Is Management Science or an art or Universal process?

management is a universal process

Is management art or science elucidate and justify?

management is both science and art. It is an art because it involves communication, leading an organisation, planning etc. All these are element of art. Management is science because it involves scientific logic and principle behind the things done.

What is Defined and created by Service Strategy?

Service Management

Describe management as a art?

Management is an art as it requires the manager to have skills found in artists. These would include creativity and being innovative.