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The term "Renaissance man" comes from fifteenth-century Italy and refers to the idea of a person with knowledge and skills in a number of different areas. Perhaps, no single individual defines the idea of a Renaissance man better than Leonardo da Vinci - an artist, scientist, architect, engineer and inventor.Though Leonardo da Vinci may be most famous for his works as an artist, he actually spent quite a bit more time working on his endeavors in science and technology. Of course, his detailed sketches and distinct artistry played a large role in his inventions, and his sketchbooks later provided evidence that da Vinci had envisioned many ideas long before the technology to build them actually existed.

One of the most prolific inventors in history, Leonardo da Vinci dreamed up inventions and innovations across a variety of fields. Whether designing weapons of war, flying machines, water systems or work tools, da Vinci the inventor (much like da Vinci the artist) was never afraid to look beyond traditional thinking or "dream big".

This site provides users with an overview of Leonardo da Vinci's famous inventions - many of which continue to influence our world to this very day. With a vast array of groundbreaking ideas, da Vinci remains a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the human mind.

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Q: Why was da vinci inventions considered modern?
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Which inventions of Da Vinci's inventions are part of our modern world?

Because he wanted too

Which of da vinci's inventions are part of our modern world?

Because he wanted too

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What Men of the Renaissance was known equally for his art as well as inventions?

Leonardo da Vinci

What has Leonardo da Vinci been remembered for?

Leonardo da Vinci will be remembered for his art, maths, and science inventions he intended to invent.

Did Leonardo da Vinci's flying invention influence later inventions?

Yes. The idea of the 'flying invention' of Da Vinci influenced the helicopter.

How did Leonardo da Vinci's inventions help change my life?

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What is Leonardo da Vinci's most famous inventions?

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What kind of inventions did Da Vinci make?

He made military weapons.

What inventions did Leonaro da Vinci make?

Leonardo Da Vinci had several inventions. Some of these inventions included the pendulum clock and perspective. He also created designs for hot air balloons, rams, catapults, tanks, submarines, and other such machinery.

Why do you think da vinci was considered as first modern man?

because he has Integrity, Generosity, Humilty and he is Trustworthy

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