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Q: What tense can be used to writing description?
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Which tense is used in writing imperative sentences?

present tense

Is descriptive writing written as the past tense or present tense?

Descriptive writing can be written in either past tense or present tense. The choice between past and present tense depends on the author's stylistic preferences and the effect they want to achieve in the writing.

How do you explain the tense for 'writing'?

The tense for 'writing' can vary depending on the context in which it is used. It could be present tense (e.g., "I am writing"), past tense (e.g., "I wrote"), or future tense (e.g., "I will write"). The tense of 'writing' indicates when the action of writing is taking place.

When writing a journal review should present or past tense be used?

It should be written in present tense.

What are the five distinctive writing techniques frequently used in technical and scientific writing?

definition, description of mechanism,description of process, partition, classifications.

Which is not a guideline used in determining the correct tense for a verb?

B. Shift between past and present tense as often as necessary when writing about literature, but do not use the future tense

What are shifts in verb tense?

It is when a writer switches between tenses. For example, they might begin writing in the present tense but then they switch to writing in the past tense.

What is the past and future tense of write?

The past tense is wrote; the future tense is will write.

Which tense is used in recipe writing?

Present tense. Usually imperative sentences are used - they don't have a subject - because the subject ( you ) is implied. eg (You ) cut the apples. ( You ) add the spices and cook for 30 minutes.

What is the present tense for wrote?


What it the future tense of write?


What do you call inappropiate changes from one verb tense to another?

Inappropriate changes would be called "problems with tense." Appropriate use of tense in a literary work involves maintaining the tense throughout the work. If you are writing in the present...verbs are in present tense; if writing in past tense, verbs will be in past tense, etc for future tense.