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The best way to learn machine embroidery is to try it. This is essentially a physical activity that requires hand eye coordination and not something that is best practiced virtually. You can gather some guidance from reading material, maybe from your local library. or alternatively seek local groups that will be able to take you from the beginner to more advanced stages of learning.

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Q: What is a good way to learn machine embroidery?
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What is computer aided embroidery?

Computer aided embroidery refers to a hardware/software combination that allows for design sizing, positioning, and continuity in a way that would otherwise take hours or days for a person to do alone. The hardware is always an embroidery machine, and the software can either be loaded on the embroidery machine itself or onto a laptop connected to the machine. There are some examples of these computerized embroidery machines on Sirs Fabrics.

How do you embroider a large project on a home embroidery machine?

A good way to control the unused portion of the fabric on a large piece is to use the same method quilters use. You need to take the portion you are not currently working on, and roll up the fabric to the working table level. You can tie yard around the roll to hold it together, or use a quilters roll holder which is a round piece of metal with one side open to clasp over the roll. Be sure to use an embroidery hoop large enough to help your work the project. Many embroidery machine supply shops offer classes to help you learn how to use your machine. It would be a good investment on your future to enroll in one of their classes.

Who makes the best embroidery sewing machine?

If you are just getting started I would recomend the Tajima machines, they are the best out there. They cost a little more but have a higher resale value when and if you decide to sell your business or want to upgrade. Most machines are good and built pretty much the same. The control panel and it's ease of use is important to look at and the biggest factor I always tell people to consider is the service. How well will this company service their machine? Call some people who have purchased one from them and see what they have to say. I would also consider a used machine with some kind of warranty. This way you don't have the big loss in value when "you drive it off the lot". If for some reason you decide it is not for you then you can sell the machine and get most of your money back.

What is the best way to find free embroidery designs?

The best way to find anything for free is almost always the internet. Free embroidery designs are available on many websites, the most popular of which appears to be Embroiderydesigns. Freeembroiderystuff is also a good place to look.

What is embroidery and would you practice this craft?

Embroidery is a craft that can be done is several ways. Because of this it's hard for me to pin point to only one way. Studentz, has a good page on it, and gives good tips on how to learn it. The rest is a very personal question, however in school in sweden you will learn this. Not that I remember how to do it anymore. Personally I'm more interested in technological activities and for that I might not be so into this.

Where can I find embroidery machines for sale online?

A quick search of will give you several embroidery machines for sale online. If you go to the following website, they have a list of all different types of embroidery machines with prices and stores available. This is an easy way to compare different machines and prices at several stores, all in one website. You can research which machine you are most interested in purchasing, and then compare prices at different stores to get the best deal.

What does split embroidery design mean in machine embroidery?

Split embroidery is usually referring to an applique process used on baseball jerseys that button all the way up on the front. The actual design is a full front design and is split in half so that once it is on the shirt and the shirt is buttoned up it looks like a complete design.

What are the advantages and dis-advantages of applique?

Embroidery is primarily an art form, and it is "good" in the same way that any art is "good." Embroidery provides design, color, and beauty to a fabric that would otherwise be mundane.

How to choose embroidery machine hats for your home?

Initially, the device of the sewing machine parts was developed in such a way that it could independently perform work, thereby replacing the person. This invention has greatly facilitated the work of a seamstress and increases its productivity.

Embroidery Machine?

If you would like to earn extra money, a good way to do this is to open a home based embroidery business. The initial investment in this business is minimal. You will have to purchase an embroidery machine and all of the necessary threads that you will use.There are a number of internet sites available which can provide the machine for your business. The machines come in many sizes and price ranges. A small inexpensive machine is perfect for you just starting in this business. After you have done this for a while, you may want to invest in a larger more productive machine.You can use your embroidery machine to sew names and logos on all types of materials. Most people will want embroidery to be done on shirts, jeans or bags. You will need to advertise your business and the cost for this will depend on the type of advertising you do. A small sign outside of your home is simple and very inexpensive while advertising in a local paper will run into more money.Word of mouth is probably your best means of advertising. Your previous customer will be happy to tell their friends about your service if they are completely satisfied. The more people who know about your business, the more your business will grow.Of course, you can purchase an embroidery machine solely for your personal use. However, the investment in the machine will have a greater rate of return if you were to sell your embroidered items. For personal use, you can add names or sayings on tee or sweat shirts, embroider flowers down the legs of your jeans and add a beautiful design onto a plain tote bag.Whatever you decide to use your embroidery machine for, you will have hours of fun designing the many things you can make with it. Many of the machines will also have preselected designs installed into the machine for your use or they may allow you to make up your own design. You can also check the internet to see if there are used embroidery machines for sale in your area. This will further reduce your initial investment.

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