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Absolutely NOT. Without the P/S pump the steering will be extremely hard to turn and it would be dangerous to drive.

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Q: Can a 2001 Honda Accord be driven without power steering pump?
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On a 89 Honda accord what else is driven by the power steering belt?

As far as I know, the belt is used only for the power steering.

Is Honda Accord chain driven or belt driven?

It depends on what year, and what part of the world your Honda Accord is sold at.

Does a Honda Accord have a filter on the power steering pump?


What does pulling knob do under steering wheel of 1987 year Honda Accord?

The knob under the steering wheel of the 1987 Honda Accord adjusts the height of the steering wheel. The knob will allow the steering wheel to move up or down.

Where is the flasher located at in the 1989 Honda Accord?

The flasher for the 1989 Honda accord is located above the steering column. To activate it shift it to the right.

Does a 2013 Honda Accord have power steering fluid?

If you don't have dry rot in your power steering lines, it does.

Is the Honda Accord 2.4 vtec camshaft driven by a belt or timing chain?

The 2.4 Liter is driven by a chain.

How can you diagnose a 1998 Honda Accord without an OBD scanner?

Answering "How can you diagnose a 1998 Honda accord without an OBD scanner?"

Can you drive a 1990 Honda accord without using the rack and pinion?

No. That car's design includes a rack and pinion which is responsible for the steering of the front wheels.

How much does a Honda Accord power steering pump weigh?

5 pounds

Fuel filter Honda Accord?

Impossible to answer without knowing the year Honda Accord which you failed to list.

How much does it cost to replace power steering pressure hose 2004 Honda Accord?

It cost me $170 for parts (2004 Honda Accord EX) + $110 labor.