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the characters in amigo brothers are felix vargas and antonio cruz. they are both seventeen and puerto-rican. they live in new york. Antonio is fair, lean ,and lanky. his lean form makes him the better boxer. Felix is dark, short, and husky. his short and muscular form makes him the better slugger. they are both very passionte, athletic, loyal, competitive, and determined.

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Q: Description of the characters in amigo brothers?
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What were the characters problems in amigo brothers?

The two best friends had to be in a boxing match.

Who is the narrator of Amigo Brothers?

The narrator of "Amigo Brothers" is an unnamed third person. The story is told from an omniscient point of view that allows the reader to see the thoughts and feelings of the two main characters, Antonio and Felix.

Who wrote the short story Amigo Brothers?

The short story "Amigo Brothers" was written by Piri Thomas. It was first published in 1978 as part of a collection of short stories.

What is the theme of Amigo Brothers?

Two major themes of amigo brothers is brotherly love and friendship.

What is a time line of amigo brothers?

How to use all the vocabulary words in 4 sentences from amigo brothers

What are the similarities and differences characters in amigo brothers?

The similarities between the characters in "Amigo Brothers" are their shared passion for boxing, their close friendship, and their mutual respect for one another. The main difference lies in their fighting styles: Antonio is described as a technical boxer who relies on strategy and skill, while Felix is portrayed as a more instinctual and aggressive fighter.

What is the conflict of amigo brothers?


From Prentice Hall Literature Bronze Edition page number What are examples of metaphor hyperbole personification and idiom in the short story Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas?

I don't know specific examples but you can find success most likely in the description of the two characters' running.

What is the minor characters in the amigo brother story?

The minor characters in the story "Amigo Brothers" by Piri Thomas are the boys' coach, gym trainer, and spectators at the boxing matches. They play smaller roles in the story compared to the protagonists, Antonio and Felix, but still contribute to the development of the plot and themes.

What is the main conflict of amigo brothers?


what are similes in amigo brothers?

your and friend

What is the setting in the story amigo brothers?

exposition is setting conflict and characters characters:felix and antonio setting:manhattan,newyork conflict:they didnt want to lose their freiendship