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1,000 more hp

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Q: How much more horse power does turbo give to a Honda Civic 2005 vtech?
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1994 honda civic vtec turbo wont turn on what should i do?

Your Honda Civic VTEC Turbo may fail to turn on due to wear on your Turbo.

What is the lowest price for a turbo charger for a 2006 Honda Civic?


Can a 98 Honda Civic lx be turboed?

Yes, there are multiple companies offering turbo kits for Honda civics, You just need to find out how much you want to spend and how much power you are looking for.

How much does a new Honda Civic Turbo cost?

Depending on the make, model, and year made, everything varies. However, the average pricing for a new Honda Civic Turbo engine part is between $700 and $2900 dollars.

Can you put a turbo into a Honda Civic 1.6 se vtec. if so where can you get one?

Yes you can put a turbo on a Honda civic 1.6. I got mine from Matts Auto Accessories 1-800-691-RACE. They have all kinds of performance parts!!

How many horse power in turbo?

there are no horsepower in a turbo the horsepower is in the engine but can be increased with the application of a turbo

How much horse power do you have with 14 psi on a 96 stock turbo?

You need more information to find out how much horse power there would be. There would be a variety of horse power concerning what engine the turbo was on.

Which 1.6 liter car is the fastest?

Honda B16B 1.6 Engine found in honda civic EK9 with 185 HP standard. (non turbo)

How much horse power does a voltswagon beetle turbo have?

Turbo models get up to 200hp

How much horse power does a 911 turbo have?


How much horse power does 1995 eagle talon have?

on turbo 125 turbo 210-250

Can you put turbo on a automatic Honda civic?

You can put turbo on any transmission, it doesn't matter whether its auto or manul, just for manul you can really push out the maxium speed of the it