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red flashing light that is car symbol what is it for

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Q: What are the dashboard warning lights for 2007 Toyota Avalon?
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Warning light on dasshboard of 1998 Toyota Avalon?

The warning lights on the dashboard of the 1998 Toyota Avalon are designed to tell you if your oil is low, if your gas is low, and if the engine temperature is too high. These lights help you to establish when the vehicle needs to be serviced.

Toyota hiace warning lights?

toyota hiace dashboard warning lights code meanings

What do the dashboard warning lights for a 2002 Toyota Camry?

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What does a yellow car light on the dashboard of a Toyota Avalon mean?

On my 95 Avalon, there was a yellow picture of a car showing that my rear lights (license plate) were out.

Where are the Toyota Highlander dash warning lights?

(???) The warning lights are located in/on the dashboard surface and should light up for a few seconds as a system check, when you start the vehicle.

How do you Reset dashboard warning lights on 90 Lexus ES250?

How do I Reset dashboard warning lights on 90 Lexus ES250

What do all the Toyota dashboard Warning lights mean?

If you mean all the warning lights come on at once this usually indacates the alternator is bad. It is either under or over charging (usually under) is a typical Toyota sign of an alternator going out.

1999 Toyota Avalon warning light on for tail lights but high beam no staying on either indication burned out tail lights?

How do you change Audi A4 dashboard lights?

warning lights

What is the meaning of the warning lights on the dashboard of your Ford Falcon?

Dashboard lights are warning that somethings are not Right with the car .It does not tells how good or how bad things are. i DROVE MY TOYOTA truck forever with a warning light but i find out what the problem was first oil brake indicator failed so i just kept it full all the time.

What are other dashboard warning lights?

See your owner's manual. All dash warning lights are described there.

What do the lights on the dash board mean?

Most of the light on the dashboard are Warning Lights; different warning lights that might flash up on the dashboard. Some of the more common warning lights are shown below. 1 = Oil pressure warning light 2 = Battery charge warning light 3 = Brake system warning light 4 = Engine warning light