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Civic 04 as per dealer parts + labour = $916

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Q: What does it cost to replace a clutch on a 04 civic?
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Are 00 civic parts interchangeable with 04 civic?

can you interchange 00 civic parts with 04 civic parts

How much does it cost to replace front brakes on 04 honda pilot?

Too much

What is the cost of replacing the timing belt on a honda civic 04?

Costs of timing belt repairs on a 2004 Honda Civic depends on the location of the vehicle. Time to replace to belt is rated at 3 to 5 hours, and costs of labor varies on average between $50 to $100. The final price with parts included would range between $350 to $600.

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What are the valve settings on a 1997 Honda Civic?


What does it cost to replace the front differential on a gmc sierra 2008?

the one on my 04 silverado cost 2200 CDN, so about the same I would think.

How do i reinstall my factory stereo in my 04 Honda civic?

join it

Why 04'silverado trouble shifting at first now won't shift any ideas?

it could be your clutch disc, but i can't say for certain because i would have to check it out my self. for the time being go ahead and replace your clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder.

04 trailblazer takes a long time to cool and sometimes barely cools could it be the fan clutch and how do you remove it to replace it?

Sounds more like a thermostat or water pump. The fan clutch locks up when it is toast. Fan will wiggle a bit when the water pump is shot.

What is the spark plug gap for 2004 Honda civic?

1.1mm or .04"

What is the Bolt pattern 2007 Honda Civic?

04 and up 5x114.3

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