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The Universe.

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Q: All the stars and galaxies are in this?
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What are all stars and galaxies in?

All stars and galaxies are in the universe.

Which stars are actually a galaxy?

No stars are actually a galaxy. All stars are stars and all galaxies are galaxies. Stars are found in galaxies. Some galaxies look like tiny dots in our night sky, so might look like a star, but they are not stars; they are galaxies.

What has all the stars and galaxies in them?

the universe is made up of galaxies

What are all the galaxies?

The collection of all visible or detectable galaxies is known as the universe. Each galaxy is a vast collection of stars--billions of them. Some galaxies have trillions of stars.

What are all the stars and galaxies in?

The Universe.

What is all galaxies and all their stars?

It is impossible to list them all. There are 100 billion galaxies in the known universe, each containing millions to trillions of stars.

Is this true an elliptical galaxy has mostly old stars?

Both - all galaxies contain young and old stars.

What galaxies are massive blobs of stars?

All of them

Are all-stars in the same galaxy?

No, there are more massive galaxies with stars in them.

Explain how all galaxies are similar?

All galaxies are massive clusters of stars scattered across the universe. Many galaxies take the same form, for instance, spiral and elliptical galaxies. Some galaxies also have a black hole in their center.

How many stars are in a cluster?

A cluster is a collection of galaxies, normally less than about 50 galaxies. All clusters are different and all galaxies are different. A ball point figure would put the maximum number of stars at around 10,000,000,000,000 stars or 10 trillion.

Do stars form into galaxies?

Galaxies are vast collections of stars. So I guess you could say that a big group of stars forms a galaxy. Our galaxy has many big clusters of stars within it, so not all star clusters are galaxies. If you have a cluster of several million or billion (or trillion) stars surrounded by a lot of empty space, that is probably a galaxy.