Anything about the moon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Evrybody says that the moon is made out of cheese but really its not and the moon is not a light its a shad and the brightness you see is a reflection of the sun, And the moon is a very important part of our solar system ... now issint that very interesting

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Q: Anything about the moon
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Is there anything that orbits a moon?

No matter orbits a moon. There is no word like moon of moon.

Can you eat anything on the moon?

You can eat anything that you bring with you onto the moon, but our present knowledge indicates that there is nothing of nutritional value to eat that resides on the moon.

Is there anything alive on the moon?


What are bugs called on the moon?

There is no life, and therefore no bugs, on the moon. So bugs are not called anything on the moon.

Why can we not hear anything on the moon?

on the moon there is no air sound travels through air

Did Apollo 17 leave anything on the moon?

Apollo 17 left a few things on the lunar surface. One was a commemorative plaque signed by the astronauts and the President. Also as part of the mission, some hardware was abandoned that was impractical to take with them for weight considerations or discarded consequential to practical matters. For example, the lunar rover, also the descent stage of the lander (as with other surface missions of Apollo); the ascent stage was also discarded after its job was complete and crashed on the surface later; the S-IVB booster was also crashed on the Moon and the impact measured by seismic sensors.

What phase of the moon comes after the full mon?

The moon in the days before and after a full moon appear as a gibbous moon. A gibbous moon is anything between a full moon and a half moon.

What spells make the full moon come out?

Spells have no effect on anything the Moon does,but without spells the moon is usless

Why doesn't anything grow on the moon?

There is no liquid water on the surface of the moon, which is critical for life.

When moon rotates faster?

When moon rotates faster... Nobody can answer this, it's not asking anything.

Is anything living on titan Saturn's moon?


What does lunar mean in science?

Anything to do with the moon.