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Sure. It takes you a month and there's no way to rush it, but if you're patient and the sky is clear, you can see all of them, from anywhere on earth.

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Q: Can you see all of the phases of the moon?
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How long it takes to see all the phases if the moon?

It takes a full month to see all phases of the moon, then it begins again.

Why is there phases of the moon?

there are phases of the moon because when it orbits us sometimes you can't see it and other times you can see half it all depends.

Do moon phases affect whitetail deer?

moon phases effect all game animals the fuller the moon the more game actvity you will see

Why you can see the phases of the moon?

The sun lights the moon and how much sun is on the moon depends on the sun,That iswhy you can see moon phases.

Can you see the moon phases in space?

The phases of the moon are caused by the relative positions of the sun, the moon and the observer. It is possible to see phases of the moon in space depending on your position relative to the sun and the moon.

If the moon were larger would you still see the moon phases?

Yes. The phases of the moon aren't based on the size of the moon. Phases are based on the position of the moon in relation to the sun.

What is February's moon phases?

As with any month there are all the phases of the moon.

What percentage of the moon is illuminated during all lunar phases?

Half of the Moon is always illuminated, except during a lunar eclipse. We see phases of the Moon when the half we can see doesn't match the half that's in sunlight.

Where can you see the Moon's phases?

Anywhere that it is night. inless if it is a new moon then you can not see the moon.

Why we see the different phases of the moon from earth?

The phases are caused by the angle that the sunlight strikes the moon.

Do you see different sides of the moon as the phases of the moon?

No, we see the same side of the moon as it orbits and goes through phases because the moon rotates at the same rate it orbits.

What are the dates of the moon phases in 2010?

See the link below to "Phases of the Moon" from the U.S. Naval Observatory.