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24 heures, 39 minutes, et 35 secondes

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Mars prend environ 24 heures et 37 minutes pour effectuer une rotation complète sur son propre axe, ce qui est légèrement plus long qu'une journée terrestre. Cela signifie qu'un jour martien est légèrement plus long qu'un jour sur Terre.

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Q: Comment mars prend-t'elle de temp pour faire une rotation?
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How fast is Mars' planet rotation?

the rotation of mars is 25.2 million seconds

What kind of rotation does Mars have?

Mars has a rotation similar to Earth, known as prograde rotation, where it rotates on its axis in the same direction as it orbits the sun. It takes about 24.6 hours for Mars to complete one full rotation.

What is the type of rotation for mars?

Their a 5 different types of rotation

How many days does mars take to make one rotation?

It takes mars 1.03 days to make a rotation

What mars rotation on its axis?

mars rotate about 1433499370 km

Did Mars ever changed rotation?


Is mars rotation on its axis?


What is planet mars rotaitoin and axis?

one rotation of mars takes 24 hours and 37 minutes.And , its axis of rotation is 24o

How long does it take for mars to rotation its axis?

The "day" on Mars, the time it takes for one complete rotation, is about 24.62 Earth hours.

How much longer is Mars' rotation than the Earth's rotation?

Mars sidereal rotation is 1.025 day Earths sidereal rotation is 0.997 day. Mars rotates on its axis at a speed similar to Earth's,averagiung 25 degrees,although in the past that angle has been as great as 60 degrees. This means that Mars,like Earth,has distinct seasons

What rotation direction does mars go in?

Mars rotates counterclockwise as seen from above.

Which planet has a rotation period closest in length to earth's rotation period?

Mars has a rotation period closest in length to Earth's rotation period, with a day on Mars lasting about 24.6 hours.