Describe planets that orbit Jupiter

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No planets orbit Jupiter. Jupiter is orbited by more than 60 moons, however. The four largest are visible from earth through a modest telescope. These four are known as the Galilean moons, as they were observed by Galileo 400 years ago. The largest of the four is Ganymede, a moon that is larger than the planet Mercury (though perhaps not quite as massive).

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Q: Describe planets that orbit Jupiter
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What planets orbit Jupiter?

Jupiters orbit is a imaginary circle that the planets circle around that is how we count years.

What planets suround Jupiter?

Jupiter has 63 confirmed moons in orbit around it. No planets are in orbit around it, since they would then be classed as moons. The planets in orbit either side of Jupiter are Mars and Saturn.

Does any planet orbit Jupiter?

No, planets orbit around the sun. There are over 60 moons that orbit around Jupiter though.

Are there any moons planets or satellites that orbit jupiter?

Yes. Jupiter has 67 known moons. No planets orbit Jupiter, as any planet-like object that orbits a planet is considered a moon.

Is it true some planets orbit Jupiter?


What distinguishes inner planets and outer planets?

Inner planets have a radius orbit shorter than the orbit of Jupiter. Outer planets are all the other planets of the solar system.

What tiny planets orbit between Jupiter and mars?


How many sub planets are there orbiting Jupiter?

10 -------- Jupiter has 67 known moons in orbit.

Is the closest planet to Jupiter mars or Saturn?

The orbit of Jupiter is closer to Mars' orbit than to Saturn's orbit. Mars = 1.52AU Jupiter = 5.20AU Saturn = 9.54AU Having said that, the positions of the planets are always changing as the planets orbit the sun at different rates. Mars is the closest planet to Jupiter as of February 2011, but this is not always the case.

Why are the gas planet moons not considered planets?

Io and Titan are moons because they orbit planets (Jupiter and Saturn respectively).

Why do the moons stay in orbit around Jupiter?

Any moon is held in orbit by gravity, just as the planets are held in orbit around the sun by gravity.

The 2 planets between the belt of asteroids orbit?

Mars and Jupiter.