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No. The farther away you get from the sun, the slower the planets orbit. (and the sun looks smaller!). By the way, even if the planets were all moving at the same speed, they still wouldn't be lined up, because the distances traveled by planets with each revolution around the sun would be different. Therefore this question is reasonable.

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they do orbit more slowly, Newton's law of universal gravitation states that the larger the mass of the two objects and the closer together the objects are, the greater the force of gravity between the two objects.

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Q: Do planets orbit around the sun at the same speed?
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Do planets travel at the same speed as they orbit the sun?

When planets orbit the sun, the planets nearer the sun go the fastest.

Do all planets orbit the sun at same speed?

No, the planets of our solar system do not orbit the sun as the same speed - neither tangental speed nor angular rate. Indeed, as the planets have elliptical orbits their tangental speed varies considerably over the period of a single orbit but this range of speeds remains largely constant year on year.

Do all planets move at the same speed around the sun?

No, every planet moves at a different speed around the sun. The speed at which a planet orbits the sun is related to the distance of that planet from the sun; closer planets orbit faster. Mercury is the closest and the fastest.

Do all the planets move in the same speed?

I do not think they do because some planets are smaller than others which may or may not effect the speed of the orbit. The mass may be the same for all planets but because of different minerals, rocks, and gasses on planets, they probably orbit at different speeds.

Why are all the planets on the same orbit?

The planets are all on the same orbital plane because they formed from a disk of material in orbit around the sun. They are not all in the same orbit, of course, otherwise they would probably collide.

What is the path along which the planets moves?

The path along which the planets move around the sun is called "the orbit" of a planet. Same for the moons of a planet, they "orbit" around a planet.

Do planets share the same orbit?

No. Planets cannot share the same orbit. If they did, they would collide.

What way does the planets orbit the sun?

The shape of orbit that planets take around the Sun is called an ellipse.All the planets orbit in the same direction. That's anticlockwise, as viewed from above Earth's North Pole.

Why do all planets orbit around the Sun in the same major direction?


How are the inner and outter planets similar?

They're all in orbit around the same star.

What planets do not orbit around the sun in the same direction?

So far, all the planets discovered orbiting THIS star orbit in the same direction; counter-clockwise as seen from high above the north pole. We expect that all planets in a particular solar system are likely to orbit in the same direction.

What causes all of the planets to rotate around the sun in the same order?

Each planet has an orbit line that makes the planets stay in that spot, unless the orbit is changed

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