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Yes 1 day on Earth is 24 hours, 1 day on Jupiter is about 9.9 hours

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One day on Jupiter takes only ten Earth hours, so Jupiter has shorter days than Earth.

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Q: Does earth have a longer day than Jupiter?
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Does Jupiter have longer days than earth?

Yes 1 day on Earth is 24 hours, 1 day on Jupiter is about 9.9 hours

Does jupiter has a longer day than earth?

No. Jupiter rotates very fast, and a "day" on Jupiter is a little under 10 hours long.

Is a day on Jupiter longer than a day on earth?

No, it's only about 10 hours long.

Which is longer a day on earth or a day on Jupiter?

A day on Earth because a day on Earth is 24 hours and a day on Jupiter is 10 hours

What is longer a day on Earth or a day on Jupiter?

Earth, Jupiter's days only last about 10 hours.

Does Jupiter have a longer day that earth?

No. Jupiter's day is 9 hours 50 minutes 30 seconds.

How many earth hours is 1 day on Jupiter?

A day on Jupiter is less than 10 Earth hours

Do any planets have longer days or years?

No two planets in our solar system have the same length of day or length of year. Compared with Earth, these planets have longer years: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. These have much longer days than Earth: Mercury and Venus. Mars has a day that's slightly longer than Earth's day. Depending on the particular definition of "day" that is used, two planets have a day that's longer than than that planet's year. They are Mercury (solar day) and Venus (sidereal day).

Why do planets have different numbers of days in their years?

Well, basically different planets take longer to orbit the Sun. For example, Jupiter takes longer to orbit than earth, so Jupiter has a longer year. On Venus, a day lasts longer than a year as it takes longer to spin on its axis that to orbit the sun.

Why is venus' day longer than its earth year?

Because it goes slower and its orbit around the Sun is bigger, Jupiter's year is longer than Earth's year.

Would time be different on Jupiter than the UK?

In terms of time of day, it would most of the time. Jupiter's day is much shorter than earth's. While a day on Earth is 24 hours, a day on Jupiter is just under 10 hours. It gets complicated, though, as Jupiter does not have a solid surface.

What number of Earth days per one day for Jupiter?

One Jupiter day is slightly less than ten hours