Does gravity work in water

Updated: 4/28/2022
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YES for example if you stand on water you fall so it does and if your still saying does it work in the water well if i put your feet 5 centimeters in water you would still fall down.

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Q: Does gravity work in water
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Does gravity work through water?

Yes. There's no material known that insulates against gravity.

How does gravity help water wheel turn?

Gravity is the force responsible for pulling the water down to Earth, and the water in turn turns the wheel. So in effect gravity is doing all the work.

How does a watershed work?

By gravity. Water always runs downhill.

Why is there gravity on earth but there is no gravity in the water?

The reason why is because of air. Air is just made up of atoms and gravity works on holding down mass and air has no mass. Where water is a liquid and has mass so gravity holds it down. So when you jump in the water you have less mass then the water does so gravity does not work on you when in the water.

How do you know that gravity works through water?

think of it this way if u throw a bucket of water the water will eventualy come down if gravity didnt work thru\ough it it would stay floating

What natural activies work to break down rock?

water, wind, waves, and gravity

How do a waterfall work?

Gravity. If you have water in a high place, it tends to fall into a lower place.

Does peristalsis work against gravity?

Yes, peristalsis will work against gravity.

Why is it possible for buoyancy to work if gravity pulls all bodies downward?

Gravity pulls the water down more than it pulls the boat down.

Is their gravity in water?

There is gravity everywhere.

What is the gravity of vratish water?

gravity of vratish water is in your mother vagina

What forces are at work on a moving sailboat?

Drag (water and air), gravity, displacement buoyancy, aerodynamic lift,