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Wein's Displacement Law explains the difference between long and shortwave radiation. Shortwave radiation has shorter, more high energy wavelengths (stronger with less distance to travel) while longwave radiation travels farther, but has less energy. Earth's radiation is 20 times longer than the maximum solar radiation, so it is referred to as longwave, while solar energy is referred to as shortwave radiation.

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Yes, the Sun generates electromagnetic radiation in every frequency band from the longest radio waves (lowest frequencies) all the way through radio, UHF, SHF, IR, light, UV, and all the way up to gamma radiation.

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Q: Does sunlight come in longwave radiation or shortwave?
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What are 3 waves of radiation that come from the sun?

Electromagnetic waves found in sunlight are light waves, ultraviolet waves and cosmic waves.

What is Radiation that is not a particle?

Radiation will always remain a particle so long as it doesn't come in contact with MOST direct sunlight, or water. In that case, water becomes irradiated and the Particle becomes part of the water..answer 2 electromagnetic radiation - radio waves do not involve particles. Sound waves, heat, and UV light etc also are radiation. 'Radiation' is also used in biology, to describe the spread .

Where does the source of energy come for photosynthesis?

it comes from sunlight

What other forms of radiation may come from stars?

xray radiation and ultraviolet radiation

Radiation can come from the sun and where else?

Radiation can come in two forms: particles and waves. Radiation can come from the sun, gamma rays, UV rays, radio waves, and X-rays.

Were does sunlight come from?


What is the similarity of direct sunlight and indirect sunlight?

They both come from the sun.

What do inderect sunlight and direct sunlight have in common?

they both come from the sun

Does carbon dioxide come from sunlight?

No ,

What other forms of may come from stars?

xray radiation and ultraviolet radiation

Where does UV radiation come from?


What can one do to protect oneself from background radiation?

Background radiation come from black body radiation which is mostly infrared and microwave. Background radiation is not harmful at all. Fear from background radiation come from confusion of the word radiation where we mostly concern nuclear radiation, but light is also a form of radiation and we live within the bright day light on a normal basis.