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7000 N. The force of gravitation is mutual, and is always equal on both members of a pair of masses.

In other words, within my gravitational field, the earth weighs 185 pounds.

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The force of 1,000N exerted by the orbiting communications satellite on the earth.

The gravitational force of attraction is always mutual.

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Q: Earth exerts a gravitational force of 7000 N on one of the communications satellites What force does the satellite exert on earth?
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What gravitational force exerts on an object?

Gravitational force exerts an attraction on objects.

What exerts gravity?

The object that exerts gravity is an object with mass.

Is hair exerts gravitational force?


What is dependent on gravitational pull?

Any two objects with mass will have a gravitational force. The orbit of planets around stars depends on the gravitational pull of the star. The Earth exerts a gravitational pull on its moon but the moon also exerts a pull on the Earth.

What exerts the most gravitational force on you?

the earth of course.

Which exerts more gravitational force a baseball a football or a bowling ball?

The object with the most mass, as gravitational force is dependent on mass. Therefore the bowling ball exerts more gravitational force than a baseball or a football.

Does Earth exert gravity?

Anything that has mass exerts a gravitational field, so yes, earth exerts one.

What is the gravitational force that Jupiter exerts on the sun?

the correct answer is 2.657342657x1033

What is the gravitational force that earth has?

Well.................. the gravitational force of earth exerts a force of 9.8m/s squared.

What objects exerts a gravitational force a feather a bowling ball or a book?

all of them. Anything that has mass exerts a grav. force.

What does the gravitational that the moon exerts on earth cause?

Low and high tides .

Why sun has gravitation?

Everything with mass exerts a gravitational force proportional to its mass.