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it has a heavy atmosphere

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Q: Heavy atmosphere or no atmosphere in Jupiter?
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Does Jupiter have a heavy atmosphere a thin atmosphere or no atmosphere?

Well, Jupiter is a gas giant and the largest planet in our system. But, im still confused when you say "heavy" atmosphere can you clarify??

What planet has a heavy atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid?


What atmosphere is so heavy and thick that it would crush a human?

jupiter and venus are the planets that are heavy and thick that would crush a human.

Which planet's atmosphere is so heavy and thick that it could crush a human?

Venus. It's atmospheric pressure is 92 times that of Earth's atmosphere.

Is Jupiter's atmosphere thin?

Jupiter's atmosphere is extremelythick.

Is Jupiter heavy or light?

Jupiter is very heavy.

Why is there no atmosphere in Jupiter?

Jupiter has an atmosphere. Actually all the planet except the small core is one big atmosphere.

Can you breathe Jupiter's atmosphere?

No. Jupiter's atmosphere is mostly hydrogen and helium with no free oxygen.

Is Jupiter atmosphere thicker or thinner then earth?


What atmosphere is so thick and heavy that it could crush a human?

The heaviest atmosphere in the solar system is that of the planet Jupiter. It would be difficult to design a vehicle which could descend into the depths of the Jovian atmosphere without being crushed.

Does Jupiter a thick or a thin atmosphere?

Jupiter's has a think atmospehere.

What is the huge red spot on Jupiter?

A storm in Jupiter's atmosphere.