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No. Solar storms are the result of complex interactions in the sun's magnetic field. The moon plays absolutely no role.

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Q: How are solar storms connected to the moon?
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How Solar Storms Connected to the moon?

Solar storms are not connected to the moon.

What are 3 types of solar storms?

There are a variety of types of solar storms. These include solar flares, geomagnetic storms, as well as coronal mass ejections.

What winds storms or spectacles are seen on Earth's moon?

There are no storms or wind on the moon. There is no atmosphere.

Does solar storms effect anything?

Solar storms effect radio communication and in some instances cause black outs of electricity.

Does the moon experience wind and storms?

No. The moon does not have an atmosphere.

An effect of solar storms that can be viewed with the naked eye?

The northern lights have been seen by human beings for thousands of years. They are caused when solar storms eject large bursts of solar wind into the Earth's magnetic field. Radiation, including ultraviolet radiation, is also produced by solar storms. But ultraviolet radiation cannot be seen by the naked eye. Thunder and lightning are not caused by solar storms.

Can solar storm kill us?

No, Solar storms usually disrupt with our electronics.

Are there storms on the moon Ganymede?

No, there aren't because the moon has no atmosphere.

How far is the moon from the solar system?

The moon is in the Solar System.

Does the atmosphere on Sun have storms?

Yes. These storms get so large they shoot into space in the form of solar flares. Large solar flares even affect our weather.

What was the solar system when the moon formed?

When the Moon was formed, the Solar System WAS already a solar system.

Is the moon in your solar system?

Yes, the moon is part of our solar system.