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Scientists study the composition of the distant star by measuring their electromagnetic spectrum (absorption or emission spectrum).

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Q: How can scientists study the composition of distant stars?
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What do astronomers use to study the stars and planets?

Scientists use 'spectroscopy' to study distant stars and they use spectral lines to study planets

What do scientists study to learn about the properties of stars?

Scientists study stellar spectra to learn about their properties such as temperature, chemical composition and relative chemical abundances, radial velocity, rotational speed etc.

What instrument is used to study the composition of the stars?

it is called a spectroscope it is an instrument used to study the composition of stars by analyzing the light they emit.

What do you call people who study stars?

Scientists who study the stars are called Astronomers.

How do scientists use wavelengths to study composition of stars?

They use a special kind of device that reads the wavelengths shown in the stars, i think. The wavelengths react differently to certain chemicals, but based on these wavelengths, the scientists can tell which chemicals are present or absent in stars.

Why do scientists study distant galaxies to learn about galaxies?

cuz they are explorers

What do scientists study to learn about stars?


How do you study stars and planets?

through telescopes.... the way scientists study them

Scientists study rocks using what important criteria?

Composition and Texture

Why scientists uses instrument to study stars?


To calculate the mass of a star scientists study?

the orbits of binary stars

Why do scientists study comets?

The study of comets may seem to be removed and irrelevant to studies on Earth. However, comets are thought to have had a huge impact on the evolution of life as we know it. It has been suggested that they brought water and some organic molecules to Earth, allowing life to begin. The study of the composition of comets allows scientists to draw parallels between our solar system and distant stars, and so can tell us about our own planet's history and also about far off galaxies. This obviously can have major implications for our understanding of the universe and our place within it.

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