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Light pollution and air pollution effect astronomy by making it more difficult to view the stars. If you notice, when you get out of the cities where there is less air and light pollution, you are better able to view the stars.

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Q: How could light pollution and air pollution effect astronomy?
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How can Light pollution effect us?

Light pollution promotes stress, fatigue, sleeplessness, and mental problems. Recent studies have shown that light pollution promotes erectile disfunction.

Would the moon be a good place to do astronomy?

Yes. There is no atmosphere there, so the sky would be clearer. There would be no light pollution which would also help. The study of the Moon itself is part of astronomy, so that could be done. It would also be good for studying the Earth, which would be helpful for astronomy. For these and many other reasons, the Moon would be a good place to do astronomy.

Why is light an important tool used in astronomy?

Stars are the sources of light. If they did not emit light, there would be no stars and thus no astronomy.

What types of pollution?

Air pollution Water pollution Light pollution

What is a Light ratio in astronomy?


How are light and astronomy related?

Studying light is one part of astronomy. Things like the speed of light, how it travels, the spectrum of light are all things that are used in studying astronomy. Studying light emitted from a star can tell us all sorts of things about it, like how far away it is and how bright it really is.

Is light pollution a crime in the UK?

Light pollution is not a crime yet, but buildings should atempt to reduce it. Light pollution is still a crime against the environment.

How does light pollution harm astronauts?

Light pollution does not affect astronauts, it affects astronomers.

Can people die from light pollution?

Light pollution is generally not life-threatening, but it can easily disrupt a person's sleep cycle if unnecessary light always enter one's house. As far as I am concerned, lack of sleep doesn't cause death but light pollution is a nuisance for drivers in large cities because some lights are so bright that the driver could get "dazzled" by the light - which in tuen can lead to a fatal accident, so in that sense, people CAN die from light pollution.

Effectiveness of observations when visible astronomy is carried out form urban location?

Limited observations because of the light pollution. Can you see that there are actually two stars very close together in the center of the handle of the big dipper?

What are some false facts about light pollution?

Some FALSE facts on light pollution are: 1. Astronomers benefit from light pollution as it helps them to study stars. 2. All stars are visible in the night sky when viewed from a light polluted city. 3. Light pollution is good for the environment. 4. Light pollution doesn't affect human sleep cycles.

If you use natural light but left it on is this light pollution?

Yes. Light pollution is when ANY KIND OF LIGHT disrupts people, or disrupts the eco-system.