How do you calculate weight on mars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can take the weight of anything on earth, multiply it by 0.359, and you'll have

the weight of the same object on Mars, in the same units you started with (pounds,

tons, ounces, newtons, stone, etc.)

That number comes from mashing together the differences in both the weight and

radius of the earth and Mars; those are the physical characteristics that determine

an object's weight on any planet.

Similarly, you can take the earth-weight of any object in any unit of weight, multiply

it by 0.1633, and you'll have its weight on the moon.

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Q: How do you calculate weight on mars?
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If you weight 300 Newtons on earth then what is your mass and weight in mars?

You need to:1) Divide the weight by Earth's gravity, to get the mass. 2) Remember that the mass will be the same on Mars. 3) Multiply the mass by the gravity of Mars, to get the weight on Mars.

What is the weight of a 6Kg object on the surface of Mars?

what is the weight of a 6kg object on the surface of Mars

What is your weight on Mars?

1/3 of your weight on Earth.

Of you weighed 170 pounds how much would you weigh on mars?

About 64.4 lbs. Mar's gravity is about 12.2 ft/s^2 (or 3.71 m/s^2) and earth's gravity is about 32.2 ft / s^2 (or 9.83 m / s^2). Using this ratio you can calculate your weight. Weight on mars = (12.2 / 32.2) * Weight on Earth

What is Bruno Mars's weight?

Bruno Mars wights 66 kg

How do you convert weight on earth to weight on mars?

Multiply Earth weight by 0.379 .

If you weight 106 on Earth what do you weight on mars?

40.26 bub

Why dont you weight the same on earth as you weight on mars?

kiss me

How much you weight in mars i weight 110?

If you weigh 110 lbs on earth, you would weigh 41.8 lbs on Mars because Mars has 38% of the gravitational pull that the earth has.

What is Fido's weight on Mars where the gravity is about one third of earths gravity.?

To determine Fido's weight on Mars, we need to know his weight on Earth. If Fido weighs 60 pounds on Earth, his weight on Mars would be around 20 pounds, as Mars has approximately one-third of Earth's gravity.

Do you write more or less when you are on Mars?

you weight less on mars like the moon

How does the weight of the rover on mars compares to it weight on earth?

On Earth, an object weighs about 9.8 newton for every kilogram.On Mars, an object weights about 3.7 newton for every kilogram.