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This does seem odd. Mars, with a mass that is about twice the mass of Mercury, has about the same surface gravity. Mars' mass is about .107 the mass of earth, and the mass of Mercury is about .055 the mass of earth. The surface gravity on Mars is about .38 times the surface gravity of earth, and the surface gravity of Mercury is about .38 times the surface gravity of earth as well.

The difference is that the mean density of Mercury is about 5.43 grams per cubic centimeter, and the mean density of Mars is about 3.93 grams per cubic centimeter. Mercury is quite a bit more dense, so if you stand on Mercury you are much closer to the center of gravity of the planet. Mercury has a tiny slightly bit more gravity than mercury though.

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Q: How is gravity about the same on Mars and Mercury?
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Is gravity the least on Mars or Mercury?


Which planets surface gravity is 38 percent that of earths?

Both mercury and mars have a gravity which is around 38% of earths. Mercury's gravity is 37.8% of earths, Mars' gravity is 37.7% of earths.

Would you be squished by extreme gravity on mars?

Not by the Martian gravity at any rate. The gravity on the surface of Mars is weaker than on Mercury.

Why does Mercury and Mars have less gravity than Earth?

Why does Mercury and Mars have less gravity than Earth because they both have less mass than does the Earth.

Is mars the smallest planet in out solar system?

No. Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system, with the lowest mass. Mars has a diameter about 1.4 times that of the denser Mercury, giving them roughly the same surface gravity.

Is gravity on mars the same as on earth?

No. Gravity on Mars is about 38% of what it is on Earth.

How does a planet's size affect its gravity?

The distance between a planet and an object affects the gravitational force between them. That means the size of a planet affects the value of the "surface gravity" for that planet. The greater thedistance from the surface to the center of the planet, the smaller the gravity at the surface (for the same planet mass). An example is the fact that Mars and Mercury have almost exactly the same surface gravity. Mars has more mass than Mercury, but this is balancedby the fact that Mercury hasthe smaller radius.

Why is gravity bout the same on mars and mercury?

I'm going to give you more information than you're expecting, because theanswer to your question beautifully illustrates some subtle things about gravity.You asked: Why is gravity about the same on Mars and Mercury ?Is it really about the same ? Yes it is.3.722 m/s2 on Mars, 3.697 m/s2 on Mercury ... less than 1% difference.Why ?What is it that determines the strength of gravity on a planet ?Two things: > The mass of the planet, and > its radius ... the distanceof the surface from the center.How do these numbers compare for Mars and Mercury ?Mass:Mars has 95% more than Mercury . . . not nearly the same !Radius:Mars' is 39% bigger than Mercury's . . . not nearly the same !So how can they wind up with almost exactly the same gravity ?Answer:The gravity on the surface of the planet depends on both of these physicalcharacteristics. It's proportional to the mass of the planet AND inverselyproportional to the square of the planet's radius. So let's look at thecombination of mass and 1/radius-squared for these two planets:(Mass)/(radius)2 :Mars: (0.107 x Earth's)/(0.532 x Earth's)2 = 0.3781Mercury: (0.055 x Earth's)/(0.383 x Earth's)2 = 0.3749That number for Mars is only 0.85% more than Mercury's number.THAT's how they wind up with almost the same surface gravity.

Is the gravity on mars the same as on earth?

No. Surface gravity on Mars is 37.6% (about 3/8) what it is on Earth.

Why do Mercury and Mars have no atmospheres?

Their gravity is too weak to hold on to atmospheric gases.

Why is the specific gravity of mercury on the moon not the same as its specific gravity on earth?

The gravity at the surface of Mercury is less than the gravity at the surface of the Earth because Mercury has less mass than Earth does.

Does Gravity act on the mars rover?

Yes, gravity does act on the Mars Rovers. On Mars, the gravity on the surface is 39% as strong as it is on Earth. This is also about the same amount on Mercury. A man weighing 200 pounds on Earth (or 440 kg) would weigh 78 pounds on Mars (171.6 kg). The six wheels the rovers have push the rovers around, they just don't have to work as hard to overcome the weak Martian gravity.