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light and dark

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Q: How is the night sky and day sky different and alike?
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How are stars moon and planets alike?

You can see all of them in the sky at night.

How do you make twilight on Google Chrome alchemy?

day+night day=sun+sky night=moon+sky moon=cheese+sky

When does the constellation Orion disappear completely from the night sky in the northeast US?

OrionOrion will be visible in the night sky at different times of the year. As the Earth progresses around the Sun, the stars (including those that make up Orion) will be above the horizon at different times of the day. If one cannot see Orion in the night sky, it's because it's above the horizon during the day, not at night. Wait six months and Orion will be visible in the night sky.

What is the sky color of the moon at night?

The color of the sky on the Moon is black, always, day or night doesn't matter.

Words that describe day and night?

day- visible, safer, bright, sun, clouds, blue sky, night- dark, scary, invisible, black sky, sometimes unsafe

Why is the moon not always visible in the night sky?

The moon is not always visible because the moon has a daily motion of about 25 hours so it will appear in different locations in the sky each day.

What were the sky conditions last night?

depends on what day your referring to

what is the meaning of the sky makes night of day statement?


What can't you see in the night sky that you can see in the day?

The Sun.

Does the moon orbit cause night and day?

The Earth spinning every 24 hours causes day and night. The Moon has nothing to do with causing day or night. In fact, the moon spends just as much time in the daytime sky every month as it does in the night-time sky.

Can you see a rainbow in the day sky?

The rainbow is almost always in the day sky, produced by sunlight. Very rarely, one can appear in the night sky, produced by moonlight.

What Pokemon flies by day and walks by night?

Shaymin. It can fly in its Sky Forme during the day, and reverts to Land Forme at night.